SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – After a school year darkened by a traumatic shooting hoax, Savannah High School students worked with Resilient Coastal Georgia to put on Friday’s event “Love on the High Day.” It’s designed to help students go into summer on a high note. 

At the time of the lockdown, parents, students and teachers were experiencing very real fear in what they thought was an active shooter situation. Now, as the school year comes to an end, the student council who planned today’s event tells News 3 that getting to work on this project has been therapeutic for them. 

The student council spent months designing t-shirts, activities and the event’s concept to honor their peers and teachers.  

The principles at Savannah High say the outpouring of community support has also been a source of healing. 

“The way that the community came in and embraced us. We wasn’t expecting so much love from the community, and so our hearts are totally full with the support from the community,” said Savannah High School of Liberal Studies Principal Gequetta Jenkins. “It shows our students that they are loved not just in our building, but the community supports them as well.”

The organization that spearheaded this event, Resilient Coastal Georgia, has done trauma healing sessions and many other activities with Savannah High Students since that day in November. They tell WSAV that they plan to continue their efforts into the next school year.