Savannah District 2 Alderman holds town hall meeting for residents

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Savannah District 2 Alderman Bill Durrence held a special town hall meeting Tuesday to discuss a number of topics that matter to residents in the area.

Thus far in 2019, The Savannah Police Department’s North West Precinct reports a nine percent decrease in overall crime for the district. However, thefts and incidents stemming from unlocked cars remain a problem for the area.

Additionally, Alderman Durrence invited transit specialists to discuss the re-vamping of Savannah’s public transportation system. Durrence tells News 3 resident participation is key for proposed projects to come to fruition including new zoning ordinances.

“Operating a city is pretty complex but we want to make sure we get as much citizen involvement as we can. We want to hear feedback. We can’t always do what everyone wants sometimes because of those  legal restrictions or financial restrictions or competing interests from residents who may want different things, but we want to hear from people and do the best we can to find compromises,” said Durrence.

The new zoning ordinance is expected to move to a full vote by City Council.

News 3 will continue to monitor this developing story.

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