Savannah company says network wouldn’t air Super Bowl ad

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A Savannah company says they wanted to be part of the Big Game by paying big money for a national commercial.

But no one saw that Nine Line Apparel ad on TV — and the company’s owners are blaming the network.

“We saw the Nike ad with Colin Kaepernick and we wanted a response,” explains Tyler Merritt, founder of Nine Line Apparel. “If this is what they believe sacrifice really is, I’d like to show them our message.”

Nine Line Apparel made their national commercial using who they call “real people,” including Benghazi survivor Mark Geist, to talk about “real” sacrifice.

They were ready to pay millions for Super Bowl airtime.

“We didn’t have a lot of money put into it because we submitted it probably knowing that they would deny it. But fully prepared to pay for it,” explained Merritt.

He added that they provided the proper information, including a credit application and media references.

“The only person that was contacted was someone from Hannity, and they asked one question, ‘Does Tyler Merritt and Nine Line pay their bills on time?’ and the answer was, ‘Yes.’ That was it,” said Merritt. “No one called Bank of America, no one asked for the lines of credit that we have to the tune of millions of dollars. They didn’t even give us a quote for the commercial.”

The company received a response from CBS saying “it is our recommendation that credit cannot be granted at this time.”

“We have the financial means to promote our message, so why shouldn’t we have the same opportunity that Nike has?” Merritt asked.

News 3 reached out to CBS asking what caused the ad to be denied.

The network responded with no comment. They added that they did not reject the ad but did not clarify why it didn’t air.

Merritt says he just would like someone to give him a straight answer.

“I ask CBS or NFL what is your credit process then? Because if someone is willing to prepay then I don’t understand the concept,” he said.

While CBS wouldn’t air their ad this year, Merritt said hes not giving up. Nine Line already has new plans for a new ad for next year during the Super Bowl.

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