Savannah City Council urging state leaders to pass common-sense gun laws

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Leaders in the City of Savannah are sending a resolution to state and federal lawmakers in support of what they’re calling common-sense gun control.

This is in response to the “ongoing epidemic of mass shootings in our nation,” according to the resolution, including the most recent incidents Texas and Ohio that left more than 30 people dead.

Alderman Julian Miller of Savannah’s 4th District says he championed the resolution because of political inaction nationwide.

“I don’t know anyone who’s been hurt in these mass shootings,” said Miller.”But, it seems like it’s just a matter a time before I do know someone there.”

Alderman Miller knows the limits to his power as a local official.

“Hopefully we won’t be the only city or the only government that tries to step up and say okay guys lets talk,” said Miller. “Maybe they can bring their own ideas, maybe they can come up with something better, but I think the biggest problem would be doing nothing.”

The resolution calls on the Georgia General Assembly and Congress to take action to support legislation that would require universal background checks for all gun buyers and a ban on assault weapons.

“That’s what I consider the Savannah City Council actions to be, just knee jerk reaction,” said Dick Berman, owner of Thunderbolt Guns. “It is so politicians can be on the record doing something, even if it doesn’t amount to anything.”

Part of the resolution requests legislation to allow local governments the power to stop people from bringing guns to big events. But as an experienced firearm instructor, Berman thinks gun-free zones do little to stop actual criminals.

“Who’s going to pay attention to that? The law-abiding citizen,” he said. “Why is the criminal not going to pay attention to that? Because a criminal, by definition, violates the law and doesn’t pay any attention to it.”

Not everyone is on one side or the other; Bill Pendergrass owns Savannah Cleaners, he also owns a gun.

“It has to be something where it won’t frighten the Second Amendment people, but will make some sort of positive move for changing the gun culture in the general public,” said Pendergrass.

Miller says in the next couple weeks city council will send that resolution to both state and federal legislators. In the meantime, they are hoping other cities will follow suit.

Read the entire resolution here.

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