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Savannah City Council gives COVID-19 update at first teleconference

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah City Council is continuing their conversation about what the city needs to do to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. The meeting was held Thursday night to go over response efforts.

To continue social distancing, the Savannah City Council held its first city council meeting over the phone Thursday. Mayor Van Johnson said the city has issued 30 notices for businesses to correct what they are doing before they close on Friday at 5 p.m.

Mayor Johnson said he wants to remind everyone that the city of Savannah is under an emergency declaration that requires all to shelter at home if they do not need essential services. He added that he is soliciting advice from other mayor’s throughout the country on what they’re doing.

“Some of our sister municipalities and other places are doing other things. We’re not casting this version on anybody we’re just trying to do what we think is best for the city of Savannah. We realize that this is uncomfortable, it’s inconvenient but we have to be able to do what we can to stem the tide,” Mayor Johnson said.

The city council also voted on new purchasing items on Thursday night’s agenda that passed unanimously. Those included items such as continuing a service agreement to repair Savannah Police and Fire’s radio systems along with purchasing chlorine to disinfect the city’s drinking water.

Alderwoman Kesha Gibson-Carter spoke up saying while the city is making sure Savannahians physical health is well she wants to ensure the fiscal health is well for the city. Overall, making sure all purchases were necessary.

“Particularly when we are courting having to lay people off from their jobs and telling individuals sick time and vacation time for their leave in the face of us not really knowing how much longer we’re going to have to go under this quarantine where people are not being able to work,” Alderwoman Gibson-Carter said.

Savannah City Manager Pat Monahan did say all items listed on the purchasing agenda were essential to the city of Savannah even during these uncertain times.

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