Savannah Bananas launch new streaming service after cutting attendance 50 percent

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah Bananas is launching a new streaming service that will bring the team right to your living room or possibly to Daffin Park.

“There’s tens and thousands of people who want to see these games. We owe it to the fans to get creative. We can’t just turn them away and say sorry come back next year,” Savannah Bananas President, Jared Orton said.

Coronavirus is forcing the owners to cut their crowds by 50 percent, but they have a creative plan to hit a home run for fans.

“We’re going to be showing games from drones, we’re going to be micing up players and coaches,” Orton said. “But then we said can we do something right outside here in the park that people could see on a nightly basis.”

Plans are still being worked out. The live stream service launches on June 23 for $4.99 a month. You can join the Bananas insiders priority list on their website. Stage Front Production Services is creating the video board and demoed what it will look like for the teams leaders.

“They want to have a video overflow in Daffin Park so people out here will be able to watch the game and we’re going to have a sound system so they’re able to hear what’s going on inside,” Stage Front Project Manager, Paul Mazo said. “They actually thought about doing it first with a projection screen but then again their games start at seven o’clock and you really can’t do regular projection during the daylight.”

“If they get their blanket or chair and bring their kids and their dog over and watch in the park we feel like at least for this year that’s just something fun that we can provide and so we’re testing everything,” Orton said.

This plan is all in the name of safety so come July 1 spectators can enjoy one of america’s favorite games. Orton said your safety matters, and they are still working on specific social distancing plans for game days.

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