Savannah assisted living residents receive first wave of COVID-19 vaccinations

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Residents and caretakers at a local assisted living community were among the first nursing homes in the state to receive the COVID-19 vaccine Monday.

CVS Pharmacy and the Georgia Department of Public Health partnered with Harmony at Savannah to administer the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff.

“We’ve had a lot of excitement from the residents and staff ready to get the vaccine,” Harmony at Savannah Executive Director Alison Adams said. “They’re lining up outside the door ready to sign up and ready to come in. They’re all out here waiting so we’re very excited along with them.”

The Harmony team says the facility has not had a single coronavirus case despite nursing homes being a hot spot for coronavirus outbreaks due to their restricted visiting policies. The staff says they hope the vaccinations help it stay that way.

“Just recently, because of the uptick in Chatham County as a whole, we did go back on restricted visitations,” Harmony’s Jessica Schroyer said. “And as time goes on, we’ll hopefully be able to lift that restriction sooner than later and let them come in and visit.”

Everyone who received the vaccine was entered into a $1,000 raffle to encourage participation.

“It’s great to have the weight off of our shoulders being that our residents are at a greater risk of getting this,” Adams said. “It’s just as simple as getting dining back where you can hang out with your friends and won’t have to sit separately.”

Schroyer says all residents at the Savannah location have elected to get the shot.

“It was a piece of cake. Everybody should have it,” Harmony resident Irvin Bromley said. “It doesn’t hurt, no side effects. It’s something everybody should have. I wish my children and grandchildren could get it. You’re protecting your safety as well as the people you’re in contact with.”

Harmony staff says they’re hoping the vaccine will be available to all 4,000 residents in their communities in seven different states by the end of January.

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