Santa arrives by motorcycle in Statesboro

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STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — Santa Claus traded reindeer for a motorbike on Saturday in Statesboro. Santa’s usual companions were replaced as his sleigh was pulled by Curtis Gay on a motorcycle decked out with Christmas gear.

Santa was escorted by dozens of motorcycles, as well as Statesboro police, to Harville House Barn. Each year the wedding venue transforms into Santa’s rest stop where kids can gather and take photos with Santa.

Gay said that he has been working with Santa since the event started in 2003.

“It’s nice to have him as a good friend,” Gay said in an interview on Friday. “We look forward to working together every year.”  

Gay was a member of a local motorcycle group that had started a charity toy run. Meanwhile, a sleigh built by he and his father in 1988 was waiting in his backyard to be used.

Then, one day, a local manager at the Statesboro mall saw Gay with his sleigh and had an idea. What if Gay used his sleigh to bring Santa Claus to the mall? He had an even better one.

“What if we combine all of this together and make it Santa’s toy run?” Gay said.

In 2003 the events were separate but by 2004 Santa’s journey through Statesboro and his toy run were officially one. Now Santa collects toys and monetary donations every year. Those donations are then given to Fostering Bulloch.

“It’s a great way to kick off the holiday season and a good way to get into the Christmas spirit of helping a deserving child,” said Gay.

To find more information about Fostering Bulloch and how to get involved, click or tap here.

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