SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Every day, cars travel across the Island’s Expressway Bridge. As accidents near the bridge become more frequent, residents who live immediately off the bridge are concerned about the safety of driving in and out of their communities.

“There have been multiple accidents during the entire bridge construction and we’re going to have that,” said Susan Brinkley with the Causton Bluff homeowners association. “We know that. But we are begging for safety measures.”

Last year, Chatham County police reported 36 accidents in the area and 109 tickets issued to drivers.

Between the opening of the bridge on July 7 to August 11, there have been five reported accidents on or near the bridge. 

Residents near the bridge are seeking a solution before the problem gets worse. 

“We would much rather be proactive than reactive,” says Brinkley. “And we just don’t want to have to see fatalities before we get something done.”

This past Thursday, residents met with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) as well as the Chatham county Commissioner’s Office to discuss their ongoing concerns and ways to address the issue.

After a site inspection on Friday, GDOTis making modifications to enhance safety. Some of these modifications include repurposed road striping to include turning lanes into residential communities. Another solution is additional signage to better indicate residential areas nearby.

All striping work is currently set for the evening of September 12.