Fireworks retailers say the Fourth of July is the busiest day of the year for sales which means it’s time to brush up on safety too.

Here are some reminders ahead of your Independence Day celebration:

-First, booze and fireworks do not mix.

-Children should never light fireworks.

-Keep your unused fireworks stash in a different area than your firing spot; sparks can ignite the entire pile.

-Light one firework at a time. Do not ignite the fuse of one with another.

-Ensure you have plenty of clearance from buildings, trees, cars and dry grass.

-Never point fireworks at people or animals.

-Only hold one firework or sparkler at a time.

-Do not run with fireworks. Wear closed toe shoes.

-Finally, it’s recommended to use a bar-b-que igniter rather than matches or a lighter; it offers more clearance from your hands.