HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — Lending a helping hand to people who need it most right now.

The Rotary Club of Hilton Head, with some help from Hilton Head Prep students, packed a trailer full of supplies all destined for south Florida. To donate to their cause, click or tap here.

The group put out a call for donations and were able to get hundreds of cleaning supplies, pet food, clothes and more for the hurricane-ravaged area.

The club said kit feels lucky we were not hit by Ian and wanted to help others.

“People here know what it can do if it hits and looking at all the news coverage of the devastation it’s something we can do now and have an impact,” said Joe Chappell of the Hilton Head Rotary. “That’s what people are interested in, not just rotary but our community.”

The Rotary is still taking supply donations and cash donations and plans another trip in the next few weeks to bring things like ovens and beds to the people there.