RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) — The Rincon City Council approved an investigation into Councilman Levi Scott, who has sparked controversy.

He was given the chance to explain himself at a special meeting called on Wednesday after videos of him raised some eyebrows.

Scott says he has been working in the city government for over 30 years. In that time, he has been accused of using his status to sway law enforcement, but he says he was just standing up for what is right.

Other members of the council disagreed, saying he may be in violation of the city charter.

In one instance, Scott says a business owner called him and was concerned about the amount of Effingham County law enforcement presence near his business.

He was accused by local police of harassing the business owner and creating a hostile environment at the business.

“We were just having a conversation, and that’s when I referred to him as acting like an ***hole, because he asked me to go in this man’s business,” Scott says about the incident.

That is when he told both sheriff’s deputies and Rincon police officers to leave the property.

A second instance was on June 13, 2020.

In the video obtained by WSAV News 3, Scott appears on police body-cam footage after being pulled over for speeding and failure to maintain his lane.

An officer tells Scott he was concerned that he was driving impaired. Scott then tells the officer that he recently met with the police chief and that they concluded that police will be more “careful” in who they chose to stop.

He says this was not a “justifiable stop” since it seemed the officer believed he had been at the bar.

Six years ago, there was another incident. Scott’s son passed out in the sun while cutting grass.

When Scott arrived, there was an altercation between law enforcement and his son regarding whether or not he needed to be taken to the hospital.

Councilman Kevin Exley says he brought the videos to the council to protect those in law enforcement. That is when Scott walked out.

A member of the crowd then said “This sounds personal.”

Exley made a motion to bring in a third party to investigate Scott for a charter violation. Michelle Taylor seconded. None opposed.

One resident says this was the right decision.

“My hope is that Mr. Scott is innocent, that he’s done the right thing,” said Rincon resident Tim Milner. “But that’s that was the purpose of the meeting. And I’m starting to see a lot of transparency in our community. And I hope the board continues with that transparency.”

Others in the audience left the meeting early after hearing the motion. Councilman Patrick Kirkland raised a concern that many in the crowd echoed — how much will this cost? He was not told an amount.

WSAV News 3 has requested the remaining footage of Scott mentioned at the meeting.