Richmond Hill’s newest council member speaks on recent win

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RICHMOND HILL, Ga., (WSAV)- WSAV is celebrating women nationwide and here at home. News 3 caught up with Richmond Hill’s newest city council member to hear what winning the election means for her. 

Soon Kristi Cox’s picture will join the others on this wall and she’ll take her seat behind this name plate. 
That’s because she was voted in as Richmond Hill’s newsest city council member this week.

And she said she’s appreciative of those who got her here. 

“I’m very pleased that our community thought enough of me to come to elect me into this position. It means that I’m going to be able to make a difference here in the lives of people, the residents that live here,” Cox said.

 Making a difference in people’s lives is what she ‘s passionate about. Before running for this postion Cox spent over 20 years actively involved in the community. Education has always been one of her main focuses, but she has a special place in her heart for special education.

“Education is extremely important for everybody, but specifically for special education because I have two children who have special needs. And I think it’s very important they receive the services they need so once they’ve graduated they can go out and be productive citizens in our community,” Cox explained. 

Cox goes above and beyond for her community. The principal at Richmond Hill Elementary, Walt Barnes, said Cox has helped students in need by providing them with glasses, hearing aids, and just about anything else they need to be succesful in the classroom.

“To be in the schools you have a need and sometimes funds are not allocated for certain things, but you can call an individual, and they can just make it happen. And her heart has always been there,” Barnes said.

Cox will be sworn in to her new position on April 2nd.

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