RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce, along with an Israeli-owned business have partnered together to set up drop-off locations in support of Israel during the ongoing conflict.

The city’s chamber told News 3 that having multiple donation drop-offs is a way of showing support.

“We have the Richmond Hill Fire Department on Ford Avenue,” said Lynetta Smith, Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce board of director. “We have the Richmond Hill City Center. We have the Roberts International Trucking Location.”

Certain businesses are asking for donations to families impacted by the recent attack.

“We found the need that was there and brought the chamber in,” Summer Beal, CEO of the Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce said. “All of our local businesses that are members of the chamber are drop-off locations. Everyone really rallied behind them on this and got behind it. So much outpour and support in the community once we posted it. It really seems like a fantastic drive that we got going on here.”

A local Israeli-owned business and a group of volunteers banded together to make this possible.

“We volunteered together as a group…as a team… in order to help the situation we are experiencing in Israel,”  Yossibin Yamin said. “There are several Israeli families here in the Richmond Hill area that has family relatives that are hurt or murdered, unfortunately.”

He says donations will be given to an Israeli organization which will be responsible for handing the items out.

“You can give the families comfort, which is toys for the kids, blankets and clothing,” Yamin said. “The basic things that will be able to support the family when they are out of home. Also, things that we can support the soldiers that are in the front such as first aid kits, bandages.”

He feels as though he’s received a great amount of support from his community.

“Once we started, we were amazed from the amount of people that wanted to reach out and wanted to see what can be donated in order to help the families,” Yamin continued.  “They went to stores like Amazon, Walmart and other places just to buy stuff for those families and soldiers that are in the front. We are quite amazed at the things that we’ve seen.”

Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce told News 3 they want the first batch of donations to go out by the end of this month.

They are expecting their biggest donation drop at this year’s Ogeechee Seafood Festival beginning on Oct. 20.

Listed below are the drop-off locations:

  • Richmond Hill City Center
    JF Gregory Park, 520 Cedar St,
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324
  • Coastal Electric
    3700 Hwy 17 South,
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324
  • Roberts International Trucks
    300 Longwood Drive
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324
  • Tyler Distribution
    335 Belfast Commerce Center Drive
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324
  • Atlantic Waste Services
    125- B Pine Meadow Dr.
    Pooler, GA 31322
  • Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival
    Oct. 20, 21, 22 (ONLY)
    521 Cedar St,