EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — A quiet part of Effingham County will soon be one of the key pieces in a new parkway expansion.

Residents who live on Forest Haven Drive said they moved to that part of town to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Jodi Wineman, a long-time resident of this neighborhood said she loves what thes area has to offer.

“There’s horses just down the road, there’s fields that are just that are just less than half mile away,” Wineman said. “So, this was perfect for us to go into without having that city feel.”

Once construction is complete, this rural part of town will be busier than ever before.

“That they aren’t taking into account how much the value of the land around here is going to change,” Wineman said. “We are going to be subjected to a ton of different vehicles here.”

“Thousands of more vehicles. It’s going to disrupt children playing,” Wineman said. “We can’t ride our bikes, we can’t take our walks anymore the same way.”

Not only are these homeowners worried about the traffic, but they’re also worried about how it might impact their property taxes.

Theresa Porto, a resident who moved a few years ago said she’s already seen an increase in her taxes and feels like once construction is over, there might be another bump in her taxes.

“I mean I could see my taxes already increased so, yes there’s going to be I would imagine more increases over time,” Porto said.

Once more people come into that part of town, resident Wineman said she might consider relocating.

“It’s not that we cannot accept change, it’s going to devalue our area completely. We can’t have animals or that same peaceful aspect that’s really why we came here,” Wineman said.

Construction is expected to be completed around 2025.