Reed House gets a new home in the Hostess City

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A vital mental health provider is settling into their new home in Savannah.

It features a redesigned clubhouse, built for the mental health treatment program offered by the Reed House.

It’s a newly renovated, nine thousand square foot facility near East Victory Drive and Bee Road.

Executive Director Warren Sparrow sings praises for the members, explaining that they play a vital role in operations as part of their treatment for a variety of mental illnesses. 

“I depend on them as much as they depend on the Reed House for the support that they need and for us that is the therapeutic approach for us, being involved in meaningful work, meaningful relationships, and to do it in a nice facility, that’s nice and shiny and new and spacious,” Sparrow said. “It’s been a wonderful progression for us as an organization.”

The new Reed House is six times larger than their old clubhouse. 

Now, there’s plenty of room for dining facilities, classroom and meeting space. 

The number of members that utilize the Reed House in Savannah has grown over the last five years, so they needed the new space and for the members say this organization lives up to its motto of “improving lives by bringing hope.”

David Wells says he’s been a member for five years. “They helped me change some very radical behavior into something more productive,” said Wells. “I’m back to myself, so to speak.”

He contributes the Reed House in a number of ways, including assistance with the monthly newsletter. 

“We’re not laying on a couch with our head back and telling the doctor whatever our problems are. We try to work our way through it. This is our way of therapy,”  Wells said.

The Reed House website says about 6% of the adult population in America has schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression or another major mental illness – collectively referred to as serious mental illness.

Reed House is a clubhouse model psychosocial rehabilitation program designed by and for that population.

This model is all about the power of community. It was created to relieve the loneliness and stigma that affect so many people who are living with serious mental illnesses.

Reed House begins with a Work-Ordered Day in which members voluntarily:
•perform administrative duties
•reaching out to members who are absent
•write the newsletter

Members perform work in the kitchen, sere on the maintenance team and have the opportunity to advance their education.

The Reed House’s new headquarters represents a $1.7 million dollar investment in mental health services in Savannah.

It took the non-profit about two years to get it off the drawing board and into full operation for the community.

For more information on the Reed House, visit their website here.

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