SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Residents are reacting to a weekend of crime in Savannah after two shootings in the city.

After a weekend of violent crime, residents in the city of Savannah say living in this community has been tough.

The two shootings that happened on 38th street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and 38th and Bulloch has residents on high alert. One of those included Roe Zaplinski who lives not too far from the crime scenes.

“I noticed on my ring doorbell because everybody on the ring is connected that many people have been hearing gunshots at night, in and around this area. It’s horrible, it’s happening more and more and more,” Zaplinski said.

Zaplinski did not grow up in Savannah, and she said since being here has exposed her to what she says is a major problem in the hostess city.

Zaplinski said, “I came from NY and NJ and only in Savannah has anybody accosted me with a gun, which was really scary. Not here, but 39th street, a few years back”.

Although she is appreciative of the support of her community, she said once she leaves her home, it’s a different world.

“I feel in my own home because I’m living in a neighborhood where everybody looks out for everybody else. So, if somebody’s going by and or somebody’s knocking on my door stealing a package, somebody’s gonna see it. Everybody’s got cameras or rings. Now, here I feel safe, generally speaking, the South is just in Savannah is scary,” said Zaplinski.

We did reach out to the Savannah Police Department for comment and have yet to hear back. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the violent crimes tip line at 912-525-1324.