HAMPTON COUNTY, SC (WSAV) – Randy Murdaugh says he is now taking “extra steps” to make sure people don’t confuse his legal practice with his brother’s illegal ways.

In an interview with the New York Times, Randy opens up about the Alex he knew, and what he thinks of him now.

“I didn’t shoot Maggie. I didn’t shoot Paul,” said Alex Murdaugh on the stand February 24.

When he testified, Alex Murdaugh was defiant on the stand. He was innocent.

The jury didn’t believe him, and his own brother is still not sure.

In a New York Times article, Randy Murdaugh said he “still did not know” if Alex killed Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, but he finds it “impossible” to picture Alex as a violent murderer.

Randy added that “he knows more than what he’s saying,” “he’s not telling the truth, in my opinion, about everything there.”

Randy was not there for the verdict or sentencing of his brother, a man who in the article he calls “a serial liar and a thief”.

The one thing he says that especially bothered him was while Randy made calls to everyone searching for clues to who may have done it.. Alex never did.

Confusion echoed by Maggie’s sister on the stand.

“I asked him, I said ‘Alex do you have any idea whose done this?” said Marian Proctor.
Marian Proctor. “I said ‘we have got to find out who could do this? And he said that he did not know who it was but he felt like whoever did it had thought about it for a really long time.”

Randy says the first time he knew Alex was stealing money was when he and another partner confronted him, and he promised to “never” lie to him again.

“‘And you hid from them you were stealing client money’. Oh no they didn’t know anything about that,” said Alex on the stand.

Randy says Alex broke that promise in 24 hours, asking him for a loan. $75,000 that Randy now is suing Alex to get back.

Randy says he has not spoken to his brother in almost a year and now works to get his good name and the family’s good name back.

He said he continues to “do things the right way. I always have.”

The Murdaugh family the article says is now focused on helping Buster, who has now lost everyone in his immediate circle.

And while Randy hoped that after the trial he could stop thinking about the case, the article finishes, that has “not” been the case.