Radio stations across the country joining in ‘Mute R. Kelly’ movement

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The fallout continues 6 days after an explosive Docu-series aired on Lifetime TV that detailed allegations of sexual abuse against singer R. Kelly.

Many radio stations across the country are refusing to play his music, including one, right here in Savannah.

It’s called ‘Mute R. Kelly’, a movement that’s spreading like wildfire all over the country.

Savannah’s G-100 is among the stations that have vowed not to play R. Kelly’s music on their air.

Radio personalities like Mia Mance with G-100, as well as celebrities, fans, even members of law enforcement have expressed their outrage following the Lifetime Docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” that aired last week.

“I felt traumatized for all the girls and the women, but also as a victim of sexual abuse and also rape, it was really heartbreaking, and I felt for every single survivor who was watching who had to go into those dark hurtful places as well,” said Mia Mance, Program Director, G-100, The Throwback Station.

Thousands have flocked to the website, that was created two years ago. The creator says it’s a nationwide, grassroots movement, to end the career of the singer.

G-100 is among the growing number of stations across the country taking a stand refusing to play his music.

“I’m not sitting here going, look at us as examples, because we’re on that learning curve of just now making the decision of muting R Kelly because I think we’re forced to as a body to go our listeners absolutely come first,” said Mance.

And, now a new development out of Georgia. The family of one of R. Kelly’s accusers says the singer’s manager threatened them saying it would be best for them if the documentary didn’t air. 

Henry County Police is now investigating.

News 3 checked Ticketmaster and Stub Hub and found no upcoming concert dates for R. Kelly. However, he is scheduled to perform in Germany in April.

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