Protesters say they will continue to rally until Bloomingdale Mayor resigns

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BLOOMINGDALE, Ga. (WSAV) – People gathered at Bloomingdale City Hall for a second weekend of protesting after Mayor Ben Rozier said he has decided he is not going to resign.

Rozier told WSAV that although he regrets the post he made on Facebook, he said he doesn’t have any plans to step down. The mayor said both community members and city officials have encouraged him to stand his ground.

“We are making sure that we keep applying pressure so that he’s out of office,” Hannah Minter, the organizer of Saturday’s protest, said.

The rally is the second protest Minter has organized in an effort to reach the mayor. She said people have been threatening her ever since she called out Rozier for sharing the following post on a local community page on Facebook:

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“I did get some screenshots of people threatening me, myself, saying I was a terrorist, saying that we were snowflakes for standing out here despite the threats. We got a lot of backlash, a lot of hatred and what we’re dealing with now is a racist town emboldening a mayor and allowing him to speak like this and fully rallying behind him,” Minter added.

Minter referenced former Savannah Police Officer, Edwin Myrick, who was fired on Monday by the Savannah Police Department after copying and pasting the same post that he also saw being share on the social media site: “So if Savannah can see the racism in that post and how heavy and hard it hits, why can’t Bloomingdale?”

Protestors said they want legislative change saying their message to the mayor is: “Step down and stop making a fool out of Bloomingdale, Georgia.”

The city administrator told WSAV that they cannot force the mayor to step down, but they could hold a recall vote. Minter said she will continue to organize peaceful protests outside of Bloomingdale’s City Hall every Saturday until Rozier is no longer in office.

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