Proposed bill eliminates liability for saving animals from hot cars

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Every year, hundreds of animals die from heat stroke when a few minutes in a hot car turn deadly. A new bill in the State Senate is trying to stop that. 

On Wednesday, the bill passed its first major hurdle. Senate Bill 32 adds to an existing law that protects you if you save a child from a car.

If the bill passes, you’re not liable for any civil damages, if you damage property when you’re trying to rescue an animal.

If you want immunity, the bill says you have to call or help call 911 and wait for emergency services or police to get to the scene.

Local activists with Speaking Loudly and Often for Animals tell News 3 they are in favor of the bill.

State legislators introduced the bill at the end of January. On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee favorably reported it to the rest of the chamber. The bill needs to pass in the State Senate and House before Governor Kemp can sign it.

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