TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Main Street Tybee Island is an economic development program that helps bring new improvements throughout the city. This year, the program targeted the island’s most popular spot which is the south end district.

The focus was on improving the city’s look starting with new additions of furniture, trash cans and frequent sidewalk cleanings.

Executive director, Cassidi Kendrick said these minor improvements help to make a lasting impact not only on residents but on visitors as well.

“We know that we’re a beach town, so we have tourists pretty much all year long, but we do have a permanent population that lives here as well,” Kendrick said. “So, we want to make sure that the programs and initiatives, and the success of our businesses are also enhancing the quality of life that live here all the time.”

Long-time resident, Michael Flores said he’s happy that these changes will see the island in a more positive light.

“I want my island to be clean and beautiful and welcoming to everybody,” Flores said. “So I want to share this with everybody, across the nation and the world to come down here and share a little paradise of Tybee, to show that we are an example of any beach town that can be out here, so it’s an improvement.”  

And as the City of Tybee continues to grow, Michael also said it will create a sense of security for residents and visitors.

“So as we see the progress of being a cleaner place, a cleaner street, a lit up street, to me it’s a safety thing, so the cleaner it is, the people will respect it on the beach and on the street, so I think we have more to grow and we’re there and we’re growing,” Kendrick said.

The program hopes to continue these improvements. It’s currently awaiting more grant funding to move into phase two of the process.