President Biden’s first 100 days approaches, lawmakers react

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office will e marked on Thursday and South Carolina Representative James Clyburn, a democrat, says he would give the president “A plus on keeping his promises to tackle the pandemic.

He says President Biden’s kept his campaign pledge to make the pandemic a top priority, pointing out that Biden had promised that 100 million vaccines would be distributed in his first 100 days and this week they surpassed 200 million.

“So on COVID he’s been great I think and his rescue plan to rescue this economy I think was exactly what our economy required and the polling bears that out,” said Clyburn.

A recent NBC poll does give President Biden high marks on fighting the pandemic and on the economy. But he received low marks for the immigration issue at the southern border.

“The whole immigration thing, that’s going to be a big challenge for him. It’s a big challenge for us in the Congress,” said Clyburn.

In terms of the future, he says Biden’s infrastructure plan should be passed and while republican lawmakers have criticized the size of the package saying it includes too many things that don’t fit the traditional definition of infrastructure, Clyburn says that it’s no longer just roads and bridges. It’s other things to ensure economic prosperity and that includes broadband.

“And so I would think that this old fashioned thinking about infrasturure has got to come to a close and what we’ve got to do is think about what this country’s like today.”

Clyburn says broadband is especially important for rural America in areas like telemedicine and education. He also says growing cities need schools and affordable housing.

“So if you’re going to build back a better economy I just think that affordable housing is critical to the infrastructure needs going forward,” said Clyburn.

Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter, a republican who represents the 1st district did not offer a glowing endorsement of President Biden’s infrastructure plan saying it is not a bipartisan bill. He also said while it’s a large package, it still focuses much on the wrong things.

“Any infrastructure plan should be focused on our nation’s ports, expanding rural broadband and actually improving infrastructure in this country. Just 5 percent of the Biden plan will go to repairing roads and bridges, just one percent will go to airports and less than one percent will go to our waterways and ports. This is not an infrastructure plan. This is a disguise for the Green New Deal, tax increases, and other liberal policies.”

Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter

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