Pregnant Savannah woman worries about mold in apartment

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A mother reached out to News 3 concerned about her family’s health. She lives in Savannah Gardens and says her apartment is covered in mold.

In just two months Alexis Mitchell will give birth, but all she can think about is the mold she says is growing in her apartment. 

“I paid an inspector to come in here and inspect it to see exactly what it was and its 100 percent mold,” said Mitchell.

That inspection report also says some of the mold is highly toxic and can cause respiratory problems. Mitchell says she has already had to seek medical treatment while living in another Savannah Gardens apartment.

“I already had an allergic reaction to the mold and I already went to the emergency room because my face started breaking out, my eyes got really watery, and my nose starting running,” Mitchell explained. “Come to find out it was an allergic reaction from the mold.”

The mother of two says a maintenance worker was sent to address the problem in her current apartment with paint.

“He had on like no clothes stating where his company was from or anything, so we thought it was kind of suspicious,” Mitchell said. “He stated that he was coming to paint over the mold, so I was like, ‘no way, he’s not coming in.'”

Meanwhile, Mitchell continues to fear for her health.

“I’m trying not to stress, because like I said, I am 7 months pregnant I don’t want to lose my baby over stress,” she said. “I go to school and I work and I try to take care of my child at the same time, so it’s all hard. It’s like everything is going through my head at the same time. Every day I cry — every day.”

Mitchell did acknowledge she has received a month’s free rent but tells News 3 she just wants the mold gone.

She has also been looking for another apartment but hasn’t found one she can afford.

News 3 did reach out to the apartment manager — and she told us she has no comment at this time.

We will continue to follow this story.

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