Pregnant Savannah mother still worried about mold in her apartment

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We first told you last week about a pregnant mother concerned about mold growing in her savannah gardens apartment. 

Alexis Mitchell tells News 3 that management did send its own inspector to check out the problem – but she has not received the results. They have also offered to send in a hygienist – and to have her clothes dry cleaned. it’s not the compensation she was expecting.

Alexis Mitchell is nearly eight months pregnant and she won’t even sleep in her own bed.

She’s been staying with her mother to avoid getting sick from the mold she says is growing in her apartment.

“I am barely here if i am here I am here for no more than like 5 minutes because like its uncomfortable, um its just something i don’t want to deal with a place I don’t want to be and it seems like every time I come here something is wrong, something is different,” said Mitchell.

Mercy housing, the company that owns savannah gardens released this statement.

The safety and well-being of our residents is our primary concern. We are aware of Ms. Mitchell’s concerns and we are working to identify and remedy any issues in the apartment as soon as possible.

But as far as Mitchell is concerned, as soon as possible isn’t soon enough.

“They moved somebody upstairs already but they are not too much worried about my well beings and my personal belongings and where I am staying and how I am living,” said Mitchell.

Savannah gardens is in city council district 3. The Alderman is John Hall who says this situation is familiar.

“The previous city manager dispatched everybody over here that had anything to do with it to see what the problem was and to eradicate it so unfortunately this has occurred again so from what I’m told mercy housing is doing everything they can to eradicate the mold problem,” said Hall.

“She said that she was going to do everything she can do and she wasn’t going to fail me like the other times but mercy housing has failed me,” said Mitchell.

Her next move? to send a letter to mercy housing listing her total damages.

“I emailed them a list of the things that were damaged add cost and again I have gotten no reply the last reply i did get when am i going to be leaving how much more time did I need,” said Mitchell.

Savannah gardens is part of a joint venture with the city of savannah. however – Mitchell’s
apartment was not one funded through that project – and there is nothing the city can do. 

News 3 will continue to follow this story.

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