PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (WSAV) – The exponential growth of the city of Port Wentworth is creating a bigger need for public safety. On Thursday, the police department introduced its new substation to fill that need.

“We’ve noticed the growth for a while as well as the city, mayor, council and all the staff-knowing that we needed to do something,” says Asst. Chief Lee Sherrod, “The city’s growing and we just need to buckle down and grow with it.”

The new substation on Magnolia Blvd. in Port Wentworth is strategically placed just off of Highway Blvd., one the busiest areas in Chatham County.

“We think the location is great for just that. It’s right off of 21. We’re down here where the larger neighborhoods within our city limits and it’s just an easier location,” says Sherrod, “You all know how traffic gets around here.”

With District 1 on the northside of Port Wentworth seeing more growth compared to other parts of the region, long-time residents say the precinct was necessary.

“I have been a Port Wentworth resident for over 13 years waiting for a police precinct on the north end of town,” says District 1 city councilwoman Gabrielle Nelson, “We’ve experienced tremendous growth in this area. We needed it more than we wanted it.”

Asst. Chief Sherrod says it came down to making themselves more accessible to the growing city and breaks down what can be accomplished at the new precinct.

“Citizens of the city will be able to come here now – retrieve accident reports and pay fines. We also have our code enforcement division up here. Our certification division and our office of professional standard. You can also file police reports or just in general come up here and ask for assistance,” he says.

The department tells News 3 it’s not just stopping with a substation. The city plans for a northside facility to keep up with the continuous growth.