PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (WSAV) — The drama out of Port Wentworth continues following the resignation of six city hall employees.

Now, city leaders are trying to figure out how they can best move forward.

Port Wentworth Mayor Pro-Tem Thomas Barbee briefly spoke outside of city hall Monday to talk about what lies ahead in the wake of six city employees abruptly quitting citing a hostile work environment.

“What you have witnessed over the past few weeks is an orchestrated attack on the city and its residents,” Barbee said. “City hall shuttered, city council locked out, access to city services denied from residents.”

While the current city council has only been in place for just over 30 days — only one meeting has taken place.

Currently, Port Wentworth City Hall does not enough employees to conduct normal business — resulting in drive-thru operations and an unknown timeline as to when things may get back to normal.

“The city council has been lied to, misled and stymied by the very fiduciary officers that have sworn an oath to the city,” said Barbee. “Since the secret resignation of the outgoing city manager, the mayor has failed to communicate properly with the majority of council,”

Barbee refused to answer any questions after talking to the media, citing an ongoing investigation, but he indicated that the once majority white council — now being majority Black — is at the root of the problem.

The mayor pro-tem says he and the council will conduct business as best they can and appoint an interim city manager at Thursday’s council meeting, saying it’s within their power as a council to do so.

Something the mayor disputes.

“We are going to find professional staff that will provide the exceptional services to our residents, and they deserve that,” Barbee said. “We will improve existing services and provide new enhanced services as we modernize our workforce and our systems.”

While Port Wentworth’s Mayor Gary Norton initially canceled the meeting, Barbee said their regularly scheduled city council meeting will take place Thursday night at 6:30 — in any way they possibly can.

Even if that means holding it in the parking lot of city hall.

Watch the full press conference below.