Popeyes’ spicy chicken sandwich is back and so are long lines in Savannah

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Popeyes brought back its coveted spicy chicken sandwich on Sunday, this time with reinforcements.

To prepare for the return of the popular chicken sandwich, it’s been reported that an additional 400 employees are being hired and up to two people per store will focus solely on making the sandwich.

The item, which first debuted in August, instantly became an overnight sensation.

Since it’s weekend return, customers in Savannah have been waiting in long lines just to get their hands on the sandwich.

“We went to three different locations, ending up at the Bull Street location,” said customer Janice Winston. “We waited about 15 to 20 minutes and finally got a chicken sandwich.”

Monday was her second time in line, after trying the chicken sandwich for the first time just last night. Winston was so pleased with the sandwich that she returned today for another one.

“Oh, yes it’s good. It’s delicious, it really is,” said Winston.

For the customers inside the location on Victory Drive, their experience was quite different than those in the drive-thru.

Customer Kari Southerland decided to go inside the establishment to try a chicken sandwich. Being a Chick-Fil-A fan, she wanted to compare the chicken sandwiches.

Finally getting to the beginning of the line, Southerland was ready to order her chicken sandwich but was surprised when employees told the crowd they had to stop taking orders for a few minutes.

“Everyone in line was like ‘What the heck,’ because we had been waiting for so long. It probably took them about five minutes before they started taking orders again, but even then they were really slow about it,” she said.

“In my opinion, it wasn’t really worth it. I rate the sandwich a 4/10. I like Chick-Fil-A better, but you know I just wanted to compare the two because a lot of people were talking about how popular it was,” said Southerland.

Another first-timer of the chicken sandwich explains that her experience waiting inside wasn’t such a bad one. Zorita Richards decided to come to try the sandwich after work with her husband and didn’t have to wait as long as some.

Across the country, the average wait time at the drive-thru and inside the restaurant is said to be about an hour.

“For me, it wasn’t that long,” said Richards. “It was about 30 minutes for us and if you order mobile you get your order quicker.”

It looks like this popular sandwich is a permanent item on the menu now, so you can grab yours at any time of the year.

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