SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — City leaders continue to react to the incident that took place during a Friday night High School Football Game at Memorial Stadium.

“I am so thankful that no gun was found, no shots were fired, no one was hurt but the panic that was caused by the possibility, by the mere rumor, by the convergence of events, unrelated events was certainly concerning to me,” Mayor Van Johnson said.

On Tuesday, Chatham County Police met with staff at the county’s Parks and Rec. Department to figure out how they can enhance the safety of future events at Memorial Stadium.

“We’re looking at perhaps an event management company to help us assist in terms of designing ingress and egress. We’re looking at putting a police officer up in the skybox which would give them a greater view of the entire situation,” said Chief Jeff Hadley of the Chatham County Police Dept.

Chief Hadley said Memorial Stadium falls under a number of jurisdictions, making it challenging to devise a game plan that covers all corners.

“It was a private school so they rented the facility. It wasn’t a board of education event even though they had board of education officers there,” Hadley said. “It’s a county facility and it lies within the City of Savannah’s jurisdiction so there’s some, probably thinking we need to do in terms of cooperation and what we can do to put all hands on deck.”

During his weekly press conference, Johnson said he wants to see metal detectors on-site for future events, as well as an up-tick of security to lessen the chances that an incident like that can occur.

“I think the county has to make a decision about what they permit in their facility, but I think for the safety of all involved I think they should do what they do at the county courthouse, what we do at city hall, what we do at the EnMarket Arena, and that ensures that we check every single person who comes into that facility,” Johnson said.

Since Memorial Stadium is owned by Chatham County, it’s still to be seen what exactly the county might do, if anything, to prevent potentially dangerous situations from happening at any more high school football games.