RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) — The Rincon Police Department continues to investigate the motive behind why a driver plowed into a parade on Saturday morning, but do believe it was intentional.

38-year-old Anthony Rodriguez, a Rincon resident, is now behind bars without bond charged with one count of aggravated assault. Police said Rodriguez drove through a barricade during Saturday’s “Let Freedom Ring Parade,” dodging multiple officers while they sped through nearly a mile of the parade route.

“One individual that was on a float said there were all the adults for that float were actually on the float and the kids were walking next to the float,” said Rincon Police Chief Jonathan Murrell. “They literally had to reach down to snatch kids on to the float out of the way of the vehicle.”

Murrell said he believes Rodriguez acted intentionally, with a goal to end Rincon’s Independence Day parade.

“He knew we were trying to stop him,” Murrell said. “He’s from the area. We had message boards, signs set up at either end of the city for two, three weeks saying that there was a parade in the area that it was going to be on Fort Howard Road.”

“I had other people tell me as he’s driving through the crowd and splitting the 3rd ID band, marching band in half that he was smiling the whole time he was doing it,” the chief continued. “It’s pretty sickening.”

Murrell thanked K9 Officer Gallagher, who made a split-second decision to drive his car head-on into Rodriguez’s vehicle.

In a statement shared by the chief, Gallagher said he, “did what he hoped anyone else would have done.”

“If it didn’t end the way that it did and it was not a head-on, a square head-on collision we risked the vehicle glancing off into the crowd,” Murrell said.

According to police, Rodriguez continued to resist arrest once stopped by officers. Officers said they found no suspicious items in Rodriguez’s car and have no reason to believe they were under the influence.

WSAV was told Officer Gallagher is recovering from neck and shoulder injuries. Police said no bystanders were injured.

As the investigation continues, police are asking if you have video evidence of the incident to call 912-826-5200.