Plant Riverside District’s new dinosaur experience hopes to bring family fun, education to Savannah

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A pre-historic experience at Savannah’s new Plant Riverside District is combining entertainment and learning, with hopes of bringing more family-oriented fun to the Hostess City.

The massive new development’s Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure is the latest attraction for children in Savannah. Children of all ages are invited to join Dusty the Dino Ranger on an educational tour around the facility filled with games, music, science and history.

The tour begins in the Generator Hall, the room that is home to the unforgettable chrome-dipped dinosaur skeleton replica. The children, armed with a “Passport of Discovery,” will then complete activities like geode painting, a dinosaur egg race, a fossil dig and more. After each challenge, the junior rangers will get a passport stamp.

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Along the way, the children will learn all about dinosaurs and pre-historic times.

At the end of the adventure, children will fill their passports, graduate and earn their Dino Ranger Certificate.

Activities Director Tyler Gray says the Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure is about much more than having fun.

Gray says that while Savannah is a family-friendly city, he doesn’t think there are enough children’s programs. He says the Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure is the first local program of its kind.

The tour was designed to be “edutainment,” meaning a combination of education and entertainment. Gray says teaching kids in a hands on, exciting way “takes their imagination to new heights.”

“They’re not just taking it in, they’re a part of it,” Gray said. “How they’re learning is being part of the adventure, part of the journey. And understanding in a unique way because we put them into the story.”

Gray says he hopes children leave feeling excited and inspired. He says he hopes they “keep exploring what they want to do in life. If this inspires them to be a paleontologist, then let’s do it! If they want to be a geologist, that’s great!”

In addition to being a hopeful learning experience for children, Gray says the tour is also a way for parents to take a break and explore the new development for themselves.

“There are a lot of things for families to do, but what are the things that kids can do?” Gray said. “What are the things they can do where their families, or their parents, can go out and enjoy an amazing adult beverage while the kids are having a fantastic time?”

Gray says Plant Riverside District is taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Children and staff involved in the program are required to wear face masks, and all tools touched by children are replaced or properly sanitized after each use.

There are big plans for the Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure. Gray says eventually he hopes to bring people nationwide to Savannah for the program. He says some of his ideas include possibly turning it into a day camp or a program for local schools to bring students to learn about pre-historic times.

The program is $40 per child to participate. To book a spot for your child, call 912-373-9100.

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