Accidents involving pedestrians are on the rise in Georgia and South Carolina, according to a special investigative report from the National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB). 

Savannah Police says accidents start with what they call distracted walking. Like distracted driving, it happens when you’re looking at your phone and not at the road.

In South Carolina, six more pedestrians die in crashes each year. In Georgia, that number is more than ten. 

Those accidents can happen any time of the day and mostly involve locals, not tourists. 

The victims, according to NTSB, are mostly between the ages of 50 and 54.

Savannah Police says pedestrians are to blame more than 85% of the time.

“Pedestrians are not crossing where they’re supposed to or when they’re supposed to,” said Officer Robie Walp with SPD. “They’re crossing mid-block — when they’re supposed to be at an intersection. They’re crossing outside of a crosswalk when a crosswalk is available, or they’re just not following the pedestrian crossing signal.”  

This does not mean drivers are off the hook. Officer Walp says to make sure you’re not only checking street corners anymore. It’s also important to check mid-block for jaywalkers. 

On Monday, a pedestrian was seriously injured in a crash in Savannah. SPD says Terrell Narcisse was crossing at Liberty and Montgomery streets when he was struck by 26-year-old Joshua Cabrera.

Narcisse was transported to a hospital. TIU is investigating.