HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — New insight into Paul Murdaugh’s drinking issues coming from his longtime girlfriend.

Morgan Doughty says Paul drank on an “almost daily basis” and his parents knew it, condoned it and helped him get alcohol.

It all comes from court documents just released in Hampton County.

Morgan Doughty described herself as Paul Murdaugh’s “longtime girlfriend”

Doughty’s affidavit comes with videos she says proves Murdaugh’s issues and his parents’ culpability. It was made as part of the lawsuit filed by Renee Beach, Mallory Beach’s mother.

Morgan was one of six teens on a boat on February 23, 2019 — the night Mallory Beach was killed.

Paul, who was underage, was drunk and driving the boat on Archer’s Creek on when it crashed into a piling, throwing Mallory into the water. Her body was found seven days later.

MALLORY BEACH_1555614531726.JPG.jpg
Mallory Beach died in a boat crash in February 2019

Doughty testifies that she spent “countless hours with him (Paul) and his family, to include his brother Richard Alexander Murdaugh, Jr., a/k/a “Buster” and his parents, Richard Alexander Murdaugh and Margaret Kennedy Branstetter Murdaugh.

She continues to say Paul consumed alcohol on an “almost daily basis” and he “regularly drank to the point of being grossly intoxicated”.

A still from a video Morgan Doughty says she took when Paul Murdaugh was drunk

Facts backed up through 21 videos she has of various times she says Paul was drinking or drunk. While the court has the full videos, the public can only see stills from those tapes.

She adds in the document that Paul’s parents were aware of his abuse of alcohol, would buy him alcohol, and they were even present some of those times he drank.

They knew he would drink and operate vehicles, including on the night of the deadly crash.

“Additionally, his parents allowed Paul to operate their vehicles while he was intoxicated or when they knew or should have known Paul frequently abused alcohol.”

The affidavit offers 21 total examples with videos of Paul shotgunning beers, playing beer pong and taking shots.

Doughty says in affidavit that Paul drank alcohol on an “almost daily basis”

One video she says was from the Senior trip to the Bahamas.

“Paul was able legally to purchase alcohol in the Bahamas but became grossly intoxicated to the point that he vomited in a gift shop.”

Another video “I took of a party at Moselle for Buster. Alex provided a keg of beer for a number of minors and Paul drank to the point of being grossly intoxicated with his parents’ knowledge. Buster saw Paul drunk.”

Another “I took at the Boathouse on Hilton Head Island where Paul used Buster’s license to confirm his age and Buster used his passport to buy alcohol. Paul’s parents were present and knew and paid the bill for the alcohol.”

Doughty says Paul’s parents knew about his underage drinking but would not only condone it, but buy him alcohol

Doughty even recalls a time when Paul got drunk and crashed one of Alex’s cars. A crash that he and his father paid to have fixed later.

The last video mentions Doughty says was taken at a wedding in 2018.

“You can see cans of alcohol on the ground. Paul got intoxicated that night. His parents were there and knew of his consumption and resulting condition. Alex and Maggie argued on the way home that night
because Alex also took a pain killer and became aggressive. We dropped Alex off at his parents’ house on the way home because of his aggressive behavior.”

Many of those times Morgan says his parents bought the alcohol or he used his brother Buster’s ID to buy it illegally.

Paul is caught on tape the day of the deadly crash buying alcohol with that ID from a Parker’s convenience store in Beaufort.

Paul Murdaugh was charged with Boating Under the Influence causing death in connection with the crash in 2019. He did not ever have a chance to stand trial.

He was shot and killed along with his mother Maggie in June of 2021 at the family’s hunting property in Colleton County.

No suspects have been arrested or named in that case.

Morgan Doughty, Miley Altman, Connor and Anthony Cook, who were all on the boat the night Mallory Beach was killed have also filed civil lawsuits against Alex Murdaugh, Buster Murdaugh, the Estate of Maggie Murdaugh and Parker’s Corporation in connection with this case.