Partial government shutdown affecting some federal workers in our area

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HINESVILLE, Ga., (WSAV)-  As the partial government shutdown continues some federal employees are furloughed, while others have to work without pay.

Kutonya King is one of those federal employees who has to work without pay. She works at a federal correctional institution and said her initial reaction to hearing about this shutdown, was fear.  

However, King said it’s unfair how her and her coworkers have to do their jobs and aren’t receiving compensation right now. She also added when it’s time to pay bills, the collectors on the bills won’t care she didn’t get paid.

“Some people think the federal employees make a lot of money, but there are times, there are some within the agency who live pay check to pay check, and each pay check is very important,” King said.

Her coworker, Karla Sapp added working without pay makes it seem like their job is unimportant. Sapp said working in the correctional institution they are the ones to help keep the community safe.

“We house some of the worst and volatile criminals within the united states . And so we’re showing up to work every single day while this furlough and this government shutdown is taking place and we’re not getting paid,” Sapp said. 

She also said due to budget cuts over the years there are less people working in their department, meaning some people have to work double shifts. And she added it’s hard on her coworkers to work a double shift and not know when you’ll get paid for it. 

King said  she hopes politicians  in Washington can put their issues aside, and start to think about people who are caught in the middle and suffering as a result of the shutdown. 

“We want action. When we’re reporting to work and doing what we need to do, we want them to be inside of those halls of congress doing their part making sure that this government is funded,” King said.

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