HUTCHINSON ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Crews continue work to repair the partial deck collapse at the Trade Center Landing between the Westin and Savannah Convention Center.

The area between the two buildings is still closed, after the deck at the ferry stop caved in nearly three weeks ago. Chatham County Commission is allocating $3.2 million to stabilize the deck before repairs start.

“Part of it will go towards the contractor doing the work and the rest of it will go towards consultants to help with the design of what needs to be done and helping us identify the problem,” county engineer Suzanna Cooler said. “When it first fell, it was leaning up against what was the piers for the floating dock and our initial goal was to get more support for that. We couldn’t have those piers —which weren’t designed to support the weight of a wall — supporting the entire weight of the wall.”

Engineers have been using technology to look beneath the water’s surface to better assess the damage. But they are still working to figure out what caused the deck to cave in.

“It’s going to be a multitude of factors,” Cooler said. “Several factors probably helped cause the problem. We haven’t gotten everything uncovered to see the full extent so we haven’t identified everything as of yet.”

Officials said it will likely take three to four weeks to stabilize the deck, and then several months for it to be repaired. But the surrounding areas are secure and safe.

“This is an active work zone so of course stay outside of the fencing,” Cooler said. “But know that the Westin, the convention center, the ferry, they’re all still operating and it is safe if you just stay outside of the fenced in area.”

The federal government may be getting involved too. A spokesperson for Senator Jon Ossoff said he spoke with the Federal Transit Administrator on Tuesday, who agreed to work with the senator and local officials to get enough resources to get the job done.