Parents question school bus safety following crash in Garden City

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A crash involving a school bus and another vehicle on Wednesday is causing concern for some parents.

Some say it reaffirms their opinion not to let their children ride the school bus. 

A string of school bus-related crashes occurred Wednesday. A student in Indiana was killed when a bus crashed into a truck.

Two people were killed in Illinois when a semi truck collided with a school bus carrying a girls’ basketball team.

Closer to home, a crash in Savannah sickened some families with worry.

“As soon as I saw the car and saw it flipped over and it looked like there wasn’t much left of it… oh wow,” said Angela Kaiser, parent of a Gould Elementary School student.

Over 50 Gould Elementary students were on board the bus Wednesday when an SUV reportedly struck it on Salt Creek Road.

On Thursday, car parts and debris was still scattered along the roadway, including a car seat a 1-year-old was strapped into upon impact.

No serious injuries were reported in either vehicle. But the incident still raised concerns.

“I was in shock, actually,” said Kaiser. “I heard there was a school-car accident, I just didn’t realize it was our school.”

Buses in Georgia are recommended — but not required — to have seatbelts.

For Kaiser, that’s one of the many reasons she says she walks her child to school.

“Basically, our children’s lives are in the hands of a few people at that particular time of the day, and every precaution that can be met and maybe discussed how to improve is the best way to go about it,” she suggested.

The crash also fell on the anniversary of a school bus-related death.

5-year-old Cambria Shuman was killed a year ago in Liberty County.

“I just got chills all of a sudden, because that’s exactly when I remember watching it,” said Kaiser. “I hope it will never happen again. That’s my wish.”

A representative from the Savannah-Chatham County School System says the district has no plans to add seat belts at this time.

The question of who is at fault in the crash is still under investigation.

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