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Parents outraged about lack of communication after bus crash

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) - Parents are still traumatized and outraged after Wednesday’s accident involving a school bus from Gould Elementary. Parents tell News 3 they are upset mostly due to the lack of communication.


One parent tells News 3 what saddened her the most is she couldn’t find out from anyone if her child was safe or not.


"Normally we get a text message from transportation like if the bus is going to be late and we hadn't received anything,” Heather Taylor says. Taylor has three kids at Gould Elementary in the first, second and fourth grades. She says unlike some of the other students, her children don’t have cell phones so there was no way for them to contact her.


"I went down to one of the officers and I asked him I said you know was a school bus involved in the accident. He told me yes. I said were any of the kids hurt. He told me no. All the kids are ok all the kids are safe,” Taylor says.


After she says she still was unable to learn the whereabouts of her children. Moments later she learned her three children weren’t on the bus involved.


“There was no communication whatsoever. We had no clue where the children were we had no clue whether they were safe or not,” Taylor said.


Wednesday night we spoke to Savannah Chatham Public Schools Public Information Manager, Sheila Blanco, she says, she was notified after 5 and told to standby.


"My understanding is that the principal came out here to the accident scene and he was going to do a call out to parents. I’m not certain I would have to talk to him the find out how parents were notified to come to pick up their students back at the school,” Blanco said.


Taylor believes there needs to be a more concrete process in these types of situations. Like sending out notifications to alert parents, and setting up an emergency command center to take roll call to ensure students are safe.


"That would give so much comfort to the parents... I feel like the school should provide you with the information to know if your child is safe or not. I mean we let our kids go to school every day and we depend on Savannah and the transportation to keep our children safe. And if they can't even communicate with us to let us know whether they’re safe or not how do they expect us to trust them,” Taylor says.


Garden City Police Department is leading the investigation. They will determine who is at fault. We will also check in with the school board to see if there is a concrete process in case of an emergency.


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