POOLER, Ga., (WSAV)- It’s been two weeks since we’ve told you about the hundreds of dogs living in deplorable conditions in Montgomery and Candler county, and several News 3 viewers are sharing their stories about dogs they claim they’ve bought from owner Angela Powell.

Brianna green says she bought her dog Tyson from Angela Powell nearly three years ago. She said  when communicating with Powell, she was told she wasn’t allowed to come to where all of the dogs were located to pick a puppy. 

However, she still decided to buy one from her. Green  says it wasn’t long before she noticed something was wrong.

“When we first got him to the vet he had Giardia, which is a really bad bacterial infection in their intestines that comes from drinking contaminated water. He was diagnosed with Demodex mange, which all puppies have, but most puppies fight it off within their first couple of weeks, and he never did,” Green explained. 

Green added to this day Tyson is still taking medication for his health problems, which have cost nearly four thousand dollars in veterinary  bills. 

She also said after seeing the filth the dogs in Montgomery and Candler county were living in, it made her understand why her dog, behaved the way it did and was hard to train.

“First couple of months we couldn’t get him to go outside. I mean standard puppy you would expect that, but he would defecate in the house, and roll in it and eat with no shame what so ever,” Green said. 

Green was not the only owner who News 3 spoke to. Kim Brown, the owner of a dog named major, said she began noticing something was wrong with her dog last August. 

“Epileptic seizures. They just began one day and then everyday they got worse and worse and worse.Like repetitively. He was having what they call cluster seizures,” Brown said.

Brown added her dog will have to be on medication for the rest of his life. She also said the vet told her this defect comes from improper breeding practices. 

Both dog owners told News 3, it is best for people to know who they’re their animals are from.