BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — As the amount of surrendered dogs and strays continues to soar, Bulloch County Animal Services (BCAS) says they are severely struggling with overcrowding at its animal shelter. The shelter says it has reached its full capacity for dogs and can’t accept any more at this time.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the shelter explained that due to reaching capacity, strays or surrenders cannot be taken in at the shelter and advised residents to weigh their options before rescuing a pet.

“Please DO NOT pick up a stray and plan [or] expect to be able to bring [it] straight to Animal Services for us to take in right now. We truly have zero available space for dogs at this time and cannot just create a space for you to drop an animal off, especially without a required scheduled intake appointment…,” the post read, in part.

The shelter urges residents to notify Bulloch County Animal Services if there are any concerns about an animal as opposed to picking it up and not being able to take care of it since space is not available currently.

“We understand and really appreciate that you are wanting to do the right thing and just trying to help, but if you cannot hold the animal for us currently then you do not need to pick up the animal,” the post continued.

According to Georgia law, a finder must take all steps to care for a lost pet and attempt to return it to its true owner. All found animals in Bulloch County must be reported to BCAS and their found report completed in hopes of reunifying the animal with its owners or being adopted by someone else.

To inquire about adopting or fostering a pet from BCAS, call 912-764-4529.