BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – The price of fuel has skyrocketed and farmers across the country are feeling the impact. 

One local farmer, Greg Sikes with Sikes farm out of Brooklet, Georgia is looking for answers after more than a thousand gallons of diesel was stolen from his farm site over the weekend.

“On Saturday we were picking cotton in the field over there at Gwinnett crossings,” said Sikes. “We got through that night, had the fuel trailer…my son had gone and filled it up and so we parked it in the corner of the field. And then we showed back up on Monday morning. I got there a little bit before 7 am and it was gone.”

In over 20 years Sikes says he’s never had anything stolen from a farm site but has heard that stealing fuel is becoming a trend.

“I just called the sheriff’s department because I knew there had been a rash of fuel being stolen across the river in Screven county,” said Sikes.  “Just siphoned out of equipment or pumped out of equipment or however they are getting it.”

The trailer itself cost $12,000 with thousands more worth of diesel inside. Sikes took to social media and spoke with News 3 because he firmly believes someone will find it.

“If you ever saw it,” Sike says. “Like I say there’s not another one like it so you could kind of tell by the design of it.”

If you have any information or believe you have seen this trailer, you’re asked to contact the Bulloch sheriff’s department or call Sikes at 912-682-4433.