SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) — Speed played a role in almost 30% of all deadly accidents in the United States. It’s why five states including Georgia and South Carolina are stepping up to make drivers slow down on the roads.

“Operation Slow Down.”

Five Southern states, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. Hundreds of law enforcement, all designed to crack down on drivers who put the pedal to the metal.

“It boils down to three things. Speed, distracted driving, and drinking and driving,” said Trooper Nicholas Pye of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

That’s what troopers in five states will be focused on during this special week-long crackdown.

“We usually don’t see just people speeding or just people drinking and driving,” says Pye. “Or just people being distracted. Usually, we see one two or three of these things combined and that’s going to heighten that chances of someone being in a collision.”

While the number of crashes went down in the past two years, the number of deaths went up by 17%. And authorities say speed was the biggest factor in nearly 29% of all deadly accidents.

“We are not seeing a lot of people going 5,6,7 miles per hour over the speed limit,” the Trooper said. “We are seeing egregious speeds of double the speed limit and that’s an issue. Not only are your chances very high of suffering fatal injuries in a collision you are also putting a lot of other people in danger as well.”

Statistics show it takes nearly twice as much time to stop at 70 mph as 50.

Just this weekend one driver near Charleston was clocked at 136 mph, which means it would be nearly impossible to brake in time in case of danger.

“We have so much technology we can tell exactly what speed you will be going. Many of these cars have a black box just like a plane. We can return and get that speed at or before impact.”

“Our interstates are going to be a huge focus for us, but don’t think you won’t see us on the back county roads and other places you wouldn’t normally see us,” says Pye.

The goal is to make sure there are no impact and traffic moves smoothly, safely and slowly.

“Drive the speed Limit and get home to enjoy your family enjoy your life, it’s just not worth it.”

During the last five years of this operation in Georgia, state troopers have issued more than 55,000 speeding tickets.

South Carolina Troopers say they gave out 350 tickets last year alone and another 1,500 warnings.