BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) – He was 18 years old. A Bluffton High School football player getting ready to graduate and go to college.

But DJ Fields Jr. never made it that far. He was shot and killed while driving down the road.

Ty Chaneyfield is charged with murdering DJ Fields

One of the teens allegedly responsible for his death had his day in court asking for the bond.

Tyleik Chaneyfield, 19, has been behind bars since just after the shooting on March 5.

He walked to the front of the courtroom Thursday as he faced Beaufort County Judge Bentley Price, attempting to be released for the first time.

A courtroom was full of his family and friends, along with Fields’ mother, father and dozens of supporters.

Chaneyfield and Jimmie Green are accused of murdering the Bluffton teen.

Prosecutors say Green was looking for “opps” or his opponents that night. The car Fields was driving in with Edwin Graham and Kylan Simmons.

Investigators say Green and Chaneyfield drove up next to Fields’ car on Bluffton Parkway and opened fire. Fields was killed and Graham was shot in the face but survived. Simmons was also hurt in the attack.

Prosecutors said Fields and his friends were not the people Green was targeting — a deadly case of mistaken identity.

As they heard the details, Fields’ mother, Kema Bryant, and some of the others in the courtroom couldn’t hold back their tears.

She and DJ’s father, D’won Fields Sr., held it together long enough to express their anger and fears to the Judge.

“I have flashes of my son on the side of the road covered up,” said an emotional and tearful Bryant. “Because that is what I saw. I was there even before police got there, so i saw my baby that is nothing that no one should have to see their baby covered up with a white sheet.”

“Our only child was a victim of a senseless act,” explained Fields Sr. “And I can’t replace my son, we cant replace our son, but our lives have been ruined for the rest of our lives.”

“Our lives will never, ever be the same,” said Bryant. “You can’t replace our child but we can make sure this doesn’t happen to any other family because the heartache and nightmares we are living are forever.”

Chaneyfield’s attorney Scott Lee made his case, saying that no one witnessed the shooting or could place Chaneyfield at the scene.

Lee added that Chaneyfield was a high school graduate from the area, had no criminal record and had many ties to the community.

He even had a job set up with a lawn company if and when he was released from jail, the attorney said.

Chaneyfield’s grandmother talked about his past and why he deserved a bond.

Jimmie Green is charged with murder and attempted murder

“He’s very obedient respectful and humble. So I don’t know what else i can tell you. I am sorry for the family but from my family, and on behalf of Tyleik Chaneyfield. He is just such a great child.”

Judge Price agreed with prosecutors, calling Chaneyfield a “severe risk” to the community and denying his bond.

Green remains behind bars. He has not requested a bond hearing.

Bluffton Police have said they are still investigating the crime and looking for a third person involved, named “Shy.”