ONLY ON 3: Owner shares story after dog video goes viral

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A viral Facebook video alleging animal abuse is being investigated by Chatham County Animal Services.

In the video seen over 3,000 times on Facebook, a 7-month-old pit bull named Blue is shown being dragged by his owner back to his home.

News 3 spoke with the man in the video, Bhritten Enmund, who claims the video is misleading.

Enmund said the dog was sick and lying in its own urine in his neighbor’s yard when he dragged him back home.

“The closest thing for me to do was grab the wet dog by the legs and pull him out the yard,” he explained.

Enmund says his neighbor had been feeding the dog and giving him medicine.

“You’re kind of creating a problem now,” he said. “You got my dog getting sick feeding it food that I don’t feed it.”

Enmund says that’s what caused the dog to defecate and urinate uncontrollably.

He also explained that Blue regularly visits the neighbor, but at this point, he thought things had gone too far.

News 3 drove to the neighbors home to ask who shot the video and why she was feeding and medicating the dog. No one answered the door. 

On Monday, Chatham County Animal Control showed up at Enmund’s door to take both of his dogs into custody.

He says he’s concerned that no one showed him a warrant before taking the dogs into custody. 

“I don’t want nothing but peace. I want my dogs back and I want my peace,” Enmund said.

A spokesperson with Chatham County Animal Services says the dogs are in good health. 

Enmund is expected to appear in court on August 6.

Chatham County Animal Services is investigating this case right now, but any charges for animal cruelty would come from Chatham County Police Department.

Chatham County Animal Services says if you suspect an animal is being mistreated call police because they do not monitor social media 24/7. 

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