ONLY ON 3: Manufacturer of dog shampoo says claims against product are impossible

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News 3 is digging deeper into the claims of a Savannah Alderman that have gone viral.

Tony Thomas implied on social media that a dog shampoo may be to blame for the sudden deaths of his puppies.

The president and owner of the manufactering company, ‘Fetch . .  for pets!’ spoke exlusively with News 3 Thursday.

Steven Shweky, the manufacturer says the company has sold tens of millions of bottles of the Burt’s Bees Dog Shampoo and the claims are impossible.

“An average shampoo is about 80 percent water and the rest is about 15 to17 percent soap. The rest of it is natural oils. There’s really nothing in there that is harmful and the small amounts of the essential oils we put in there are no where near enough to harm the dog. Even if the dog licks the shampoo off the skin of the coat, there’s nothing that can happen,” said Shweky.

Shweky also tells News 3 he made contact with Alderman Thomas about the Facebook post. He says his company has offered to pay for a portion of the entire vet bill while they investigate the claims.

The company has also asked Thomas for a sample of the shampoo used on the puppies but the manufacterer says he hasn’t recieved a response.

“We are a company that dedicates our whole lives to making pets lives better and it’s really hurtful to have someone try and damage our reputation, not only from a business aspect which is terrible, but from a humanitarian aspect to say our product is killing puppies is a lot and we are going to defend our reputation without end,” said Shweky.

Patrice Sherman, The Associate Brand Engagement Manager from Burt’s Bees has issued this statement to News 3 saying,

“First and foremost, we are extremely saddened to hear about this heart breaking incident. Burt’s Bees Pet products have been thoroughly tested for quality and safety and have been on the marketfor years. That’s why we have a lot of questions about the details surrounding this incident that we’re trying to track down. In addition, we recently learned the owner has taken down his original social media post. After repeated requests to the owner andhis veterinarian, the owner is not authorizing access to any further information.” 

News 3 has reached out to Alderman Thomas for comment but he says he will not make a statement until a necropsy is performed to determine the cause of death.

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