CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — WSAV spoke exclusively with the babysitter of 20-month-old Quinton Simon, who has been missing since Wednesday morning.

“I’ve been keeping Quinton and Zane for 6 months,” Diana McCarta said. “I kept them yesterday, and they went home last night.”

McCarta said she babysits little Quinton and his sibling and was supposed to watch them the morning he went missing. She told WSAV that she was confused as to why plans would change so suddenly. 

“I got a text this morning saying they would not be here, would not be babysitting them at 5:29 [a.m.] Which was kind of odd because I have them even when she doesn’t work,” McCarta said.

Thirty minutes later, 6 a.m. was the last reported sighting of Quinton, according to police. McCarta says other family members asked her where Quinton might be.

“And then I get a text at 9 a.m. saying have I seen Quinton,” McCarta recalled. “I immediately go to their house. I try to help them look, they didn’t want that. So, I’ve been just waiting around like everyone else.”

McCarta and other neighbors were shocked by the news and wondered what could have happened to little Quinton.

“My heart is broken. I’m not his mother. I’m not his family. But I love him very much And I just don’t know what could happen,” McCarta said. “The police did a really good job of looking and where does a 1-year-old go. They’ve covered a lot of ground.”

The ground search is expected to continue Thursday morning.