SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Chatham County District Attorney’s Office announced they have officially established the first Cold Case Unit in the history of the office. According to the DA’s office, the unit has already resolved a 1981 murder.

Officials say a defendant in the cold case pleaded guilty Tuesday to the murder of a young court reporter that happened 40 years ago. 

Earl Waggy pleaded guilty for the stabbing death of Cam Menzies. 

earl f waggy_1560384144132.jpg.jpg
Earl Waggy

According to the DA’s Office, Waggy fatally stabbed Menzies inside of a Savannah home office belonging to a co-worker of Menzies’.

Officials say the case remained cold until 1999 when Waggy’s wife told investigators that she was with Waggy at the time of the crime and witnessed him commit the murder.

The DA’s office says the Savannah Police Department then reopened the investigation, but it did not make an arrest because the then District Attorney declined prosecution. 

cam menzies_1560384145136.jpeg.jpg
Cam Menzies

Waggy was later indicted in 2017 for the murder after homicide detectives found new witnesses, re-interviewed witnesses, and got corroborating evidence from several sources.

Waggy received a life sentence for his guilty plea submitted four decades after the crime.