RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – Although Bryan County has a law stating that all animals must be on a leash — it doesn’t mention the consequences for failing to do so.

As long as a dog hasn’t been involved in multiple attacks, Bryan County law allows the dog to be returned to its owner for quarantine after the incident.

Margaret Schulz, the owner of the Shih Tzu recently attacked and killed by a pit bull, says aggressive, loose dogs have been a problem in the neighborhood.

“Whenever I put it on Facebook, or the Neighborhood, a lady said that her niece had been bit by that same dog. If that’s happening, this isn’t a one-time thing,” said Schulz.

New video of her Shih Tzu’s attack shows several neighbors appearing in an attempt to break up the dog fight.

Despite being taken by animal control, the dog was back home by the end of the day.
Schulz says the whole thing is heartbreaking, and she feels her concerns are being ignored.

“How many times does it have to happen? My husband is traumatized. For the first time in my life, I saw him cry this morning over this” said Schulz.

A spokesperson for Bryan County didn’t want to go on camera, but he did send the following statement. It says in part, “Bryan County continues to work with the Richmond Hill police department. We’ll work to apply all applicable laws and ordinances as deemed necessary.”