New SEDA Technology Workforce Incentive could bring more tech professionals to Hostess City

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A new incentive program by the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) is trying to attract young professionals in the technology industry by helping them move to the Hostess City. This program is targeting tech professionals who are coming from outside of Chatham County.

Jennifer Bonnett left the hustle and bustle of Atlanta two years ago to help Savannah’s tech community thrive.

“I joined SEDA in June of 2018 with the mission of growing a hopefully small but vibrant technology scene in Savannah,” SEDA Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Jennifer Bonnett said.

She’s looking for remote tech workers who want to make the Hostess City their new home. A new workforce incentive could pay for a portion of your move.

“The incentive allows us to reimburse on the back end up to $2,000 of someone’s relocation expenses if they are in a technology field and have the ability to work remotely,” Bonnett said.

Applicants must have at least three years of experience, relocate to Chatham County, and must have lived in the county for 30 days before applying. Applicants must also provide receipts from their move and have a Georgia driver’s license.

Many tech workers tend to live in big cities but this is an opportunity for someone who’s had Savannah on their mind.

“I do think there is a subset of folks that already love Savannah that already have an affinity for Savannah that come every year and visit our city as a tourist. In the back of their mind at some point this is somewhere they want to be,” Bonnett said.

Since COVID-19 hit, most people have already started working remotely. To make this happen, SEDA was able to transfer funds from other projects that were canceled because of the pandemic.

“When something like a COVID-19 pandemic hits and when travel and tourism come to a crashing halt all of these tech workers just moved home and started working from their homes. We already have folks that are living this life,” Bonnett said.

A committee will review each application and choose up to 50 applicants by the end of the year. SEDA is offering an additional perk to local residents. If you refer someone and they put your name on the application you could be eligible to receive $500.

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