SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Major changes could be coming to Savannah’s city code for Alcohol Sales.

If it happens, it would effect everyone who sells alcohol from Supermarkets Clerks to Bartenders. Two public meetings were held Thursday by the city to get input for the new alcohol sale ordinances set to be presented to Savannah City Council Members.

If passed, the ordinance would regulate distances allowed between liquor stores in neighborhoods in Savannah. It would also require all workers who work in an establishment that sell alcohol to have special training to sell the product. 

“There are some concerns from some of the urban neighborhoods in reference to the convenience stores and how there are issues associated with them, including loitering, littering, drinking on the property.  So we’re looking at trying to create additional standards through our zoning code and alcohol ordinance,” said Bridget Lidy, Savannah Planning and Urban Design Director.

Some business owners say the proposal is a good move for the city.

“I think it’ll be good for the city. I think it’ll be good for the businesses. When you have problems in business and it’s alcohol related, it always is expounded and keeping with the problems in check is definitely better for business, revenue, the individual businesses and for the city,” said local bar owner, Terry Smith. 

The new ordinance is set to be presented before Savannah City Council on Thursday.

News 3 will update this story with a final decision from City Leaders.