BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – Back in July, two employees of Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services filed lawsuits against the department. Now, there are two more employees filing lawsuits alleging sexual assault and discrimination.

The lawsuits filed back in July alleged that Summer Patterson and Sarah “Sam” Bradbury reported fellow workers for being intoxicated on duty and failing to respond to 911 calls. After reporting this, both employees say the department retaliated against them by sabotaging their jobs.

One of the new lawsuits, filed by Courtney Badger, claims she was sexually assaulted. The other suit was filed by Jeff Harley who says he had knowledge of the assault and was retaliated against upon reporting it.

Badger says she was victimized by a battalion chief, claiming it was never investigated. The suit says she is still required to be on the same shift and be alone in a vehicle with him.

Although the alleged victims haven’t released a public statement, their attorney released a statement saying:

The plaintiffs in these cases filed these lawsuits at great risk to themselves.

Badger is a survivor of the assault and battery. Patterson, Bradbury and Harley reported the assault, battery in efforts to protect their coworkers.

All plaintiffs were unfairly retaliated against.

Bryan County was reached out to for a statement. They said they do not comment on any ongoing investigations.